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With the pilot project UNIUN the European commission is offering a support program to university students and graduates to help them set up their own companies. Within the framework of this project promising new models for such a program are being tested out and further developed in Berlin, Frankfurt and Vienna. The aim of this transnational cooperation is the development of a toolbox of established ways to promote enterprise initiative amongst students.

Berlin: The project partner in Berlin is the ExistenzGründer-Institut Berlin e.V.. It has successfully worked with Berlin's Investment Bank, amongst other institutions, to organise business plan competitions for years. It also collaborates with numerous sponsors from the private sector. The current competition, which began in November 1998, has already attracted well over a thousand participants. The competition organisers are expecting a total of more than 300 plans to be submitted. Participants stand to win lucrative prizes, but these are not the only incentives. More important is the professional advice on offer on how to go about putting their business plans into action, in conjunction with the opportunity to be part of a diverse network of business contacts.

Frankfurt am Main: The project partners of the "Frankfurter Modell für Unternehmensgründung" are "Fachhochschule Frankfurt am Main", "Frankfurter Sparkasse" and "Institut für berufliche Bildung, Arbeitsmarkt- und Sozialpolitik INBAS GmbH". Elements of the Frankfurt Model comprise seminars on the founding of companies, individual consultations for keen entrepreneurs, consultations on building up businesses and an advice hotline as well as special 'entrepreneurship' days. Students and graduates of all disiplines from all Hessian universities, who want to set up their own businesses, are entitled to take part. Experienced experts of the Frankfurter Sparkasse (which also supports the model financially) take an active role at every stage.

Vienna: The Austrian project partners are "Club der Universität Wien" , "Außeninstitut der Technischen Universität Wien"," L&R Sozialforschung OEG", "Business Frauen Center" and "Intercom Personalentwicklung und Unternehmensberatung". In the Viennese project there is a strong emphasis on developing and testing educational programmes through which university graduates can gain further qualifications. Paricipants are trained, and thus become qualified, on how to set up enterprises in two groups of up to 60 people. They are also prepared for starting up enterprises in individual coaching sessions. A particular emphasis of the Viennese project lies in encouraging women and to develop companies in teams.
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